FAQ – English



Q. What do I do to become a member?
A. Please contact our Executive Office or Membership Director – we will send you an application form. You will need to obtain the recommendation of two (2) existing members (one of whom must be a current member of the Board of Directors).

Q. I do not know any directors, how can I obtain a recommendation?
A. Please inform our Membership Director. They will review your application and introduce you to an appropriate director.

Q. I am an overseas assignment staff of a corporate enterprise. Can I get an individual membership?
A. We evaluate these requests on a case-by-case basis, and we may ask you to apply for corporate membership, because we want to have certain corporate representation in our organization.

Q. What is the difference between corporate memberships A and B?
A. Corporate membership A is for corporations with a parent organization in Japan. Corporate membership B is for all other corporate members. The annual fees are $1,000 and $600, respectively.


Q. What happens to the annual fee if I enroll partway through the year?
A. If you enroll partway through the year (January to December) your initial annual fee will be calculated as follows, according to when you join:

  • Jan 1 – Mar 31:  full year’s membership fee
  • Apr 1 – Jun 30:  9 months of membership fee
  • Jul 1 – Sep 30:  6 months of membership fee
  • Oct 1 – Dec 31:  3 months of membership fee

Q. What period does the annual fee cover?
A. Twelve (12) months, from January to December.

Q. I received a donation request from JCAW. I thought this was included in my annual fee?
A. We recognize that some other Japanese chambers of commerce include donations in their annual fees. However, JCAW separates donations from annual fee.

Q. I have a project that will be useful to Japanese-American friendship, and I would like a contribution from JCAW. How can I request this?
A. Please inform our Executive Office or the Regional Cooperation Management Director.

▼Name Registry

Q. I want to remove my personal address from the registry, what should I do?
A. You can edit your member information in the registry online. Please e-mail the Executive Office if you are unsure of your login ID/password.

Q. I’ve changed my address/phone number/e-mail address. How do I correct the member registry?
A. You can edit your member information in the registry online. Please send an inquiry to the Executive Office if you are unsure of your login ID/password.

Q. I receive messages directly from an unfamiliar JCAW member. How do I get them to stop?
A. Using the registry for commercial use is prohibited, and this behavior is grounds for expulsion. Please inform our Membership Director.


Q. How do I contribute to/advertise in the Newsletters?
A. Please contact the Executive Office or our Public Relations Director.

▼Mailing of Newsletters/Name Registry

Q. I want to receive the Newsletters/Name Registry by US mail. How do I let JCAW know?
A. Please inform the Executive Office and note that you will need to pay the postage costs.

▼Notices to Members

Q. My company is hosting a seminar/reception. How can I use the JCAW mailing list to send invitations to members?
A. Please inform the Executive Office. Upon confirming that it is not a commercial event, we will distribute the invitation for you.

Q. I occasionally receive information from the JCAW including a note that “this is not a JCAW event, but…” Under what circumstances does the JCAW cooperate to distribute such information?
A. When the JCAW receives a request from an external party, and the content follows JCAW’s guidelines as set by the Board of Directors, we will send the information to our members as a part of member services. Our evaluation is based on ① if the request comes from a government agency or non-profit organization, ② if it is deemed useful to JCAW members, ③ it is not to be used for a specific organization or individual (excluding making knowledge public). We add the e-mail label “this is not a JCAW event” so our members are clear that the event is not being conducted by JCAW but by another group.


Q. (For personal memberships) I am going to move back to Japan, how do I withdraw from the JCAW?
A. Please inform the Membership Director. We will send you a notice of withdrawal. Please understand that annual fees already paid will not be refunded.